ME++ – video and animation

me++ from Oryan Inbar on Vimeo.

M++ is a short video create in collaboration with Sergio Mora.

work progress

The concept started from conveying visually the brain activity and calculations at given moments for example during driving. A visual explanation of the “work” the brain does  ‘behind the scenes’ automatically.

  • Proximity measuring to other cars
  • Speed assessing (self and others)
  • Signals interpreting (headlights, blinkers)
  • Obstacles and escape options
  • Danger prediction
  • Vehicle control (angle of wheels for the desire movement)


The original storyboard narrative is an increasingly piling up of information on the viewer field of vision (point of view shots). The ending was meant to be an overload of information when adding distractions as an argument with the passenger (possibly spouse), a use of a cellphone or a distraction at the visible street.

old storyboard

Given the fact these calculations are happening at a very high speed and from the hero perspective, we needed to integrate some slow motion and the GoPro camera (120 fps) was chosen.

During the progress of this idea many problems rose… Shooing out of a car was very complicated especially because specific things were suppose to happen and needed to be “directed” using other entities on the street. a different direction came up. What if the input from the physical world is enhanced somehow? Following the concept of brain input visualization, a new narrative was introduced as shown in the final version of the storyboard.

storyboard final

In this video we have used After Effects to create the visualizations (the course requirement).

work progress

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