Tinder Text – web/mobile app

In James W. Pennebaker’s book The Secret Life of Pronouns, Pennebaker describes his research into how the frequency of words that have little to no meaning on their own (I, you, they, a, an, the, etc.) are a window into the emotional state or personality of an author or speaker. This is how heavy use of the pronoun “I” is an indicator of “depression, stress or insecurity”. Pennebaker found a correlation between the use of same function words and the likelihood a couple to fall in love.

Tinder Text

Basing on that, I created a website that takes 2 text inputs (from 2 different people) and compares the function words between the 2. If there’s a mach, an animation of 2 figures would move toward each other. If there is no match then the figures grow apart from each other.   The score is shown  under the figures.

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