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Social Clinic is a face detection installation, which finds out your potential social symptoms and gives you prescription in real-time.

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This project is a collaboration — Wen Huang, Chang Liu, Oryan Inbar


We live in a world that is full of different types of communications. The need for social skills increases as conversation and technology rapidly evolves around us and influences our behavior.

Social Clinic uses face recognition, emotion detection technique to discover people’s potential social symptoms and provide them some conversation prompts which can engage people in the show.

Under the hood:

We are using clmtrackr and webcam.js for functions, such as face detection and face expression. The emotion gets a score based on the coordinate positions in the face.

A user fills out an informal form that asks things like: “which of these apps do you use a lot?” and “How bothered are you by a notification about 14,000 emails in your inbox?”

The last part of the form is the face detection. The user is asked to strike his “signature selfie pose” and submit the picture for examination. The score of the facial expression is processed. Processing all the inputs, the code provides different prompts for different social symptoms such as: Awkwardness, Selfie syndrome Social media Syndrome / Phobbing, Notification OCD. The prompts (the “cure”) includes actions like “Go speak to someone you don’t know” and “Take a whole day off from your phone”.


In an installation the data is then sent to an Arduino Uno that is controlling a printer to print a receipt with the information for the user to take home.

A “decision” for what “cure” is being sent to an Arduino Uno that is connected to a printer. The code provides

This site is a demo of the project:


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